Mass/cyst/tumor disappears, no cancer found! Doctor documented

Amazin’ Testimony from a believer for only 18 months….look what God will do!
Theresa was so happy and rocked by what God did she came to the healing class to tell about it.

Dear John
A few months ago my friend Theresa, who is not a Christian who I have been trying to get to church, informed me that her doctor had found a cyst/mass (the size of a baseball-billiard ball) attached to her ovary and bladder.  They didn’t know if it was attached to her colon as well but would find out when they went in surgically.  She also saw one of San Diego’s best oncologists because they didn’t know if it was cancerous or not as well.  He was to be with her other surgeon during the surgery. The surgery could have devastating effects depending on how much was attached to the bladder or attached to the colon. She was told she might have to have a bag surgically attached to her bladder. She is a single mom to a beautiful 14 year old daughter.  Well, a month ago I had tried to get her to come to Selah and the healing class at church but both times she wasnt able to come for one reason or another.  I had emailed John Pacillio who leads the healing class,  He told me to go ahead and pray for her myself…that she didnt have to come to the healing class.  So, i asked her if I could come over and pray for her.  She said yes…her exact words were…”Yes, I am willing to do anything at this point to get help.”  I prayed how John has been teaching…casting out the enemy (with fierceness), telling it to leave her body now, spirit of affliction was not allowed to stay in her in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  I then asked God to go into the areas where the enemy had fled from and fill her with all of his healing.  I told her to believe that it was done.  Over this past month I would ask how she was doing.  She was still tired and not feeling too good.  I just kept thanking God for healing and hoping when she went in for surgery it would be gone.
Well, today she was scheduled for surgery.  This morning I texted her daughter and got great news.  However, I just got a phone call from Theresa tonight that was even more exciting to me.  She was already home after 1 day… (she was scheduled to be in the hospital for 4 days).  I was surprised!  She said she was calling to tell me what had happened this morning.  What was supposed to be a 5 hour surgery turned into a 45 minute surgery.  When the doctor opened her up…the mass/cyst was gone!!!  That’s right!!…Gone!!!  The doctor went ahead and removed her ovaries (she already had an emergency hysterectomy 2 years ago) and cleaned up some scar tissue that was inside and that was it.  The doctor told her he couldn’t explain how it was gone (He said her body may have absorbed it).  Hello, its called a miracle doc (they really need a box you check that says “Miracle” on the paperwork the doc has to She then proceeded to thank me for what I did and said it was “an amazing miracle.”  i told her it wasnt me…it was God.  She just kept thanking me for the prayer and everything.  I was crying…so thankful God answered our prayers.  So,I just wanted to share with all of you the power of prayer and that God still does miracles today like he did back in biblical times.  He is awesome!!!  I also wanted to thank all of you who prayed for her as well. And, to John for your classes and giving me the push I needed to pray for her myself.  God does hear us!!!
Peace, Love & God, Marie

Theresa’s words “I was not a believer before, but now I am” Power Evangelism!

Hi John –
My friend Tiffany and I were discussing God’s healing and what happened to my friend Theresa.  Tiffany told me that her Mom was having alot of pain.  I told her that I would come over and pray for her if she wanted.  She phoned her Mom and she was fine with it.  We went over and I talked with her for a bit about my friend Theresa and the things I’ve learned in the healing class.  She was very open and is a Christian.  She said that she was having alot of pain in her knee and had trouble standing up from a sitting position.  She also has body pain and was recently tested for Myopathy (a degenerative muscle disease) and was awaiting results.
So we gathered together and I prayed for her.  When I was finished i asked her how she felt.  She said that she felt lighter, like she was uplifted.  She even looked happier.  She also said that she thought the pain in her knee was gone.  I asked her to stand up and she stood up without a struggle at all.  When she stood up she was so happy that she didn’t need help and she walked around the room saying the pain was totally gone!!  I said, “Praise God!” I also reminded her that it didn’t matter what the test results came back as (the doc will be calling with results any day now on the Myopathy results) and that God was healing her and to believe that and not accept anything else.  We were all laughing at this point with joy and praising God.  She was so excited she told me her sister was in the other room and has bad back pain all the time.  I said, “Well, if she wants prayer too I will be happy to pray for her.”  She was so excited and asked her sister to come out.  Her sister told me she has back pain all the time and she was currently experiencing a migraine.  So, we talked a bit, gathered together and I prayed for her as well.  After, I asked how she was feeling.  She said that it felt like her migraine was a little better.  I asked what percentage she thought and she said it was about 60% better.  Praise God!! I then asked about her back and she informed me she had already taken a pain pill so it was hard to tell.  She was feeling better tho.  I told her to check herself when she woke up the next morning and if she felt any pain to tell the enemy and spirit of pain to go and thank God for healing her.  She was excited and said she would.  Within 10 minutes she was excited again because the migraine was gone completely. She believed it was God healing her.  
I have not been able to contact the sister yet about the back pain and we don’t know myopathy results yet but I have faith and just keep praising and thanking God.  He is so amazing!!!! 
Peace, Love & God, Marie


About As it is in Heaven

Hi, I'm John, the bio on the back cover of my book "As It Is In Heaven" pretty much brings you up to reads; John Pacilio so wanted to see the miraculous power of God that he took some necessary risks to do so. He has proven the fact that God not only can heal and do the miraculous but that God wants and wills to do them today. He applies what he writes in his book and sees the power of God and the lives of hurting people changed on a regular basis. He was ordained in 1990 and has been an evangelist in the USA and Mexico. John has equipped and trained other ordinary believers in healing and the miraculous. His son Chris is a revivalist/musician. John resides with Fran, his wife of 44 years, in San Diego.
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